Edic-Mini recorders

Edic-mini Voice Recorders are professional compact digital recorders that have extremely small size and weight. Depending on the model the maximum recording time is up to 3600 hours. Built-in micropone sensitivity allows voice recording at a distance of 7 meters (external microphone will increase this distance). Recorded information can be saved in built-in or external flash memory and can be easily moved to PC using attached software. Edic-mini recorders have 5 levels of voice compression that allows you making records with different quality and make a choise between quality and recording time. Recorders have a powerful navigation system for listening recorded messages: you can quickly jump to the next, previous, first and last message or to the beginning or the end of the current message, perform fast rewind within the current message with variable speed and erase messages from recorder memory. Control functions as well as the ways of displaying recorder modes can be changed by the user through a computer interface using the supplied software. The software runs in most Windows operating systems and allows you to move your records on your hard drive in a standard format (for further listening and editing with built-in computer software), synchronize its time with your PC, as well as perform the configuration of recorder user interface. Information exchange with a computer can be protected with a password.

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