Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles can be used as binoculars for observation in low light and in total darkness: many models allow changing eyepieces. Different variants of goggles use electron-optical converters, modern models can be equipped with digital converters. Goggles can have different detection range depending on the diameter of the lens, sensor type and availability of infrared light. Night vision goggles are compact binoculars with a system of belts, allowing to fix the device on the head or helmet. NV Goggles are the most convenient tool for observation and driving during night while hunting and fishing. These devices can be used with laser pointers and collimator rifle scopes. Long observation through a monocular or binocular is tiring, because you need to keep them in hands. If you attach these devices on a tripod, it will be possible to make only static observation. With night vision goggles you can move free around the area. At any time they can be turned into an inoperative position without removing from the head. The advantage of these devices is a display of the distance and objects in real time, that makes them easy for navigation.

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