Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision Monoculars are the most affordable tools for observation in dusk and dark. Devices are equipped with high-aperture lens, IR illuminators and convenient switches, are made in waterproof housing of plastic or metal and similar in apearance to compact versions of rifle scopes. Monocular can be mounted on the helmet like goggles, in other cases the observation is carried out with hands. For long-term static observations devices can be mounted on a tripod. NV monoculars are available for amateur and professional use. In the first case, it is a device of generation 1, 2 or 2+. Military and special forces use models of generation 3 or digital monoculars. Initially Night vision monoculars were designed for using in the military sphere as a lightweight version of binoculars and a device that could be adapted for precise aiming. Now they became the most popular night vision devices for hikers and tourists. This is due to their affordability and multi-purpose. Compared with binoculars, Night Vision monoculars are more compact, so more suitable for long-term observations.

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