Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Night Vision Rifle Scopes are optical devices that combine the ordinary optical sight with night vision device. These devices are used to perform aimed fire in the dark or dusk. They were developed by military scientists that's why these optical devices are characterized by excellent technical characteristics. The rifle scope includes:an eyepiece lens and an electron-optical converter with power supply. NV Rifle scopes have similar optical system with night vision monoculars. But unlike other night vision devices, night vision rifle scopes are equipped with a special attachment and aiming mark. In addition, night rifle scopes for hunting have high strength and protection from mechanical damage. Before buying a night vision rifle scope you should consider what technical characteristics it possesses. NVRS are divided into several generations. Night vision devices of the first generation have the lowest rates of resolution, amplification and sensitivity. Devices of the next generation have an automatic brightness control, reduced noise level, improved picture clarity. Rifle scopes that belong to the third generation are professional.

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