Radiation Detectors/Geiger Counters

Radiation Detectors will protect you from the radiation hazard, will help to detect objects contaminated by radioactive substances, prevent from radiation hitting home and body. Radiation poses a serious threat to human health and can cause a number of chronic diseases. Invisible gamma rays, which can only be determined by a dosimeter, imperceptibly affects our body destroying it. Radiation can be emmited by any object containing radioactive elements - walls of buildings, food, wood or metal. In order to protect you and your family from possible radiation exposure, it is recommended to buy a detector that will allow you to know about the danger in time. Dosimeter is an appliance that does not require any special technical knowledge. The intuitive interface allows you to make all necessary measurements and assess the level of danger at a minimum of time. Personal detectors differ from professional ones by their compact size, ease of use and low cost. Radiation dosimeters are capable of measuring radiation in the air, food, toys, building materials, residential areas, etc., their sphere of application is unlimited.

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