Analysis of Vitafon device

 5/5, by Petr Voronin on March 31, 2015
Hi all!
I registered long ago and studied information on deseases
treatment, especially with help of medical devices (as I'm an electronics
engineer, I reviewed them from the point of an engineer)
And now I want to share collected information and my thoughts with
all of you.

Analysis of Vitafon device.

Vitafon function - to excite longitudinal vibrations in blood vessels by
vibro-impact, that is to stimulate peristalsis, improve blood supply
to the irradiated area and start or strengthen peristalsis process if
it was absent or was depressed. In any part of the body there is a
full set of blood vessels of any size. During therapeutic impact all
vessels should be stimulated, that is frequency need to be changed in
the range from 30 Hz to 16 kHz.
Pay attention to the graph (official Vitafon site), the
process takes 4 minutes, that is the device head should be kept not less than 4 minutes in
each area. Therefore, considering that vessels in affected organ
(or near it) should be stimulated more than once, the duration can
reach 2 hours.
Concerning zones stimulation (M, K, etc), in this case I don't know
the reason all this was based on (unfortunately, I'm not a doctor).
Now think about peristalsis recovery. How is the mechanical system put
in resonance.
There is a short system stimulation at the resonant frequency, then the system
goes in the mode of its own autovibrations that then damp. Then there is
one more short system stimulation at the resonant frequency and so on.
Each time the range of own autovibrations increases and finally riches
a maximum and stabilizes. That is you need not to impose vibrations
but to create a mode of energy pumping for own vibrations.
To do it you need a quick full range scan of generator frequency, then
a short pause to rise self-vibrations, then scan again, etc.
I came across some radio-amateur sites that contained output signal
form (oscillogram) of Vitafon device and radio-amateur analogues.
I decided to test all by myself. I took Vitafon from my relatives and
made an oscillogram of output signal using c1-151 oscilloscope.
Output signal is short impulses. You should pay attention on the fact
that impulse period changes during frequency changing, and their
durations remains constant.
That means that there is great simularity with a square-wave generator
- multivibrator.
I was wondering why the signal is not sinusoidal. If short impulses
can stimulate a wave process in a vessel, then sinusoid sweep
generator with a quick frequency conversion and good output power will
be more effective.
I think that developers had to follow the way of "multivibrator" to
reduce the cost of the device (but I can be wrong).

The practice of using:
1. Vitafon is constantly used by my relative, he treats
osteochondrosis and tells that is very satisfied with the device.
2. On the site of radio-amateur who created a device by himself but
with sinusoid signal, I found the following:
"5 people, inluding me, treated with this device. Diagnoses: spasmodic
contraction of the muscles, arthritis, osteochondrosis.
During spasmodic contraction of the muscles, comparative treatments were
performed. They included a massage and courses with muscle treatment
As a result - remission prolongation (state improvement) from 1.5 to 4
During treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis massage has not been performed, medications were not applied.
Clearly seen: general improvement, pain relief, decrease of disease
areas redness. Only disease areas were influenced - muscles and
joints. So, with regard to listed diseases, I can affirm that the
device has a good therapeutic effect. Moreover, the device repeatedly exceeded my expectations"

These are the comments of people with no material benefit from the advertising unit.
As for me, I want to repeat amateur-radio design of the device with
sinusoid signal and test it all by myself.
In the future, I will try to describe some more thoughts about other
medical devices.