Industar-61L/Z, great lens!

 5/5, by franck torres on April 1, 2015
Simple, sleek and sturdy design, Industar-61 L / Z surprised by its strength even at maximum aperture. While the depth of field is thin, since it is well wide F5.6, achieving a very sharp image across the frame (besides creating bokeh star between 5.6 and 8).
It has vivid colors and contrast, creating beautiful images without much effort as the focus ring is large, tender and soft. While the pre-set control is simple to use with a little practice, and having no "clicks" makes it suitable for filming. Another feature of the diaphragm is its transformation, achieving bokeh differently depending on their openness.
Another highlight is the protection of the front element, which is deeply embedded in the lens body, creating a natural hood (it's still possible to create flare).
For me, the most remarkable is its macro use, may focus less than 30 inches! This makes it a multifunctional purpose. With the help of an extension tube may create images very close to 1: 1. In opening 2.8 is somewhat difficult to focus because of the shallow depth of field, but it is still an excellent lens! And it is slightly radioactive lanthanum his coat !! A curious, funny and beautiful photos provided objective. In conclusion; 50mm my favorite!