Russian masterpiece

 5/5, by Nikica on March 17, 2015
Tair-11A is produced by KMZ (the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant) in Soviet union.
This lens has a long history since produced from 1956.
The last year of production was 1985.
First version of that lens was presented at World's Fair Brussels 1958 and awarded "Grand prix".
There exist few version of lens: Tair-11 , Tair-11-2 and Tair-11A.
Tair-11A has a better resolution at the center and on the edges than oldiest models.
Resolution (center/edge): 44/24 lpmm for Tair-11A and (center/edge): 28/18 lpmm for Tair-11 and Tair11-2
Tair-11A is export model came with lather case and 3 filters.


Focal length 135mm
Max. aperture f/2.8
Min. aperture f/22
Construction: 4 elements in 3 groups
Blades 20
Mount M39 , M42 , Nikon F
Min. Focus (m.) 1.2
The angle of view 18°
Filter Ø (mm.) 55 x 0.75
Weight (gr) 600
Length (mm) 110/70
44/24 lines/mm resolution from the center to the edge


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