SOEKS company was created in 2008 and became the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of measuring equipment. SOEKS offers various devices for private use, such as nitrate testers, dosimeters and meters of magnetic and electric fields. Nitrate tester determines the nitrate content by measuring the electrical conductivity of the sample, which depends on the amount of nitrate ions. The results are compared with basic values recorded in tester's memory. Dosimeters will protect you from the radiation hazard, will help to detect objects contaminated by radioactive substances, prevent from radiation hitting home and body. Indicator of electromagnetic fields is intended to control the electromagnetic safety standards - the detection and localization of magnetic and electric fields areas and determination of electromagnetic field orientation. The intuitive interface allows you to make all necessary measurements and assess the level of danger at a minimum of time. Personal detectors differ from professional ones by their compact size, ease of use and low cost.

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