Vibroacoustic Therapy Vitafon

Vibroacoustic devices are intended to compensate the lack of natural physical body energy: microvibrations and infrared (heat) radiation. They creates a microvibration with constantly changing sonic frequency using interchangeable vibroacoustic transformers. Can be used for home and clinical treatment and disease prevention (treatment of hip-bone diseases, arthritis, arthrosis, burns, gastritis, chilblain, rhinitis, severe injuries and fractures, diseases associated with impaired capillary blood flow and lymph flow, etc). They allow influencing several single areas simultaneously; special modes of microvibration modulation provide more effective lymphatic drainage. Vibroacoustic device consists of a control unit and interchangeable transducers: vibraphone and/or IR emitter. Worktop of a vibraphone is a membrane made of a special alloy with a decorative coating. Worktop of IR-emitter is a metallic chrome plateau with the optical elements embedded in the holes.

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