Astroavia Watches

Astroavia is a famous German watch brand registered in Berlin. The company explains its success by a combination of high technical level of production with a clear and concise appearance of the watch and affordable prices. These watches are classic watches of German pilots with a simple but clever design. The watch has a firm case made of stainless steel. Mechanism is superbly accurate, watch dial is convenient and intuitive because absolute accuracy and speed of reaction is important for a pilot. Astroavia is registered as an international watch brand, its products are exported to more than thirty countries. Astroavia watches use high quality movements from Switzerland and Japan. Most models have a stopwatch and alarm. Watch case is practically unbreakable and it is difficult to scratch - it is made of steel, titanium and ceramics alloy. Astroavia is an universal watch for all situations. You can select any model of this brand to feel like a real pilot or just a man with a good sense of style.

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