Tauchmeister 1937 Watches

Tauchmeister 1937 is a famous watch brand that belongs to MSU Schmidt GmbH German company in Frankfurt, as well as Aeromatic 1912. Unlike Aeromatic 1912 watches which have a design of German military pilots, Tauchmeister creates reproductions of submariners watches that were used in German army during the World War II. Retro design and rich history will make its owner feel like a diver or a member of the submarine crew. Products of this company has a superb combination of outstanding design, modern technology and affordable prices. Ronda and ETA mechanisms, that are used in Tauchmeister 1937 watches, guarantee quality and precision. If you need a functional, reliable, accurate, original-looking watch, and at the same time you do not want to pay a lot for the popular brand, Tauchmeister 1937 is what you are looking for.

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