MWC Watches

MWC is one of the main suppliers of watches and chronographs for army and air force - for the infantry and pilots. MWC (Military Watch Company) is registered in Zurich, Switzerland. As you know, a Swiss watch is the best in the world, with outstanding quality and precision. Military watches should be comfortable and compact, reliable and firm and should be fixed tight on the arm. That is all about MWC watches. They also meet all requirements imposed by the US government in 1962 to the watches for the infantry. Many MWC watches have arrows with tritium illumination. Bottle of tritium is a unique development of MWC. Despite the fact that tritium is a radioactive gas, it gives absolutely no negative effect on human. MWC watch strap is tightly holds the watch on the rist, they are almost imperceptible on the hand and very comfortable. The strap is made from a special thick fabric, and its width fits the NATO standard - 20 mm. The watches are universal and suitable for everyday use, for sports, hiking or long trips.

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