Diagnostic tool for analysis of artery wall state AngioScan-01K

Diagnostic tool for analysis of artery wall state AngioScan-01K
  • Diagnostic tool for analysis of artery wall state AngioScan-01K
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The devices for personal use are represented by following models:

  • AngioScan-01K (Personal version) is a device for operating under PC control;
  • AngioScan-01P, a portable device. The main operation mode is a stand-alone test that includes test execution, parameters calculation and conclusion generation. The alternate operation mode is under PC control.

Medical devices for personal/home use are designed for non-specialists in the field of cardiovascular diagnosis. It can be private individuals willing to test the health condition of their families as well as professionals in adjacent to cardiovascular fields: sport trainers, fitness center specialists, nutrition supplements sellers and others.

The devices assess the following parameters:

  • pulse rate;
  • stiffness of arterial wall;
  • analysis of pulse wave type;
  • biological age of the vascular system;
  • stress index.

To understand the key difference between the devices focus your attention on such features as a stand-alone operation mode and a possibility to replace the sensor.

Stand-alone operation mode

AngioScan-01P is the only device with a stand-alone operation mode. The device has a built-in battery, display and memory card, so it can perform test at any place and time. It’s a portable device because of its very small size and weight so you can always literally have it "at hand". Due to its convenience you can use any free minute to perform the test. Alternatively AngioScan-01P can operate under PC control.

AngioScan-01K (personal version) operates only with a PC (under Windows) with AngioScan Personal software installed. Unlike AngioScan Professional software, the personal version eliminates the need for a deep dive into the specifics of medical terminology. AngioScan Personal software provides a single combined test with text output assessing the state of the vascular system.

Sensor replacement

AngioScan-01P has an external sensor which plugs to a device enclosure through a standard connector. Given that the sensor is exposed to mechanical stress it has a heightened possibility of failure due to mechanical breaking. In such a case it is enough to change the sensor in order to recover a functionality of the device.

AngioScan-01P has a monolithic body with a built-in sensor. In case of mechanical damage of the body a repair or a complete replacement of the device will be necessary. Although the functions of the devices are quite equal, approximate wear life of AngioScan-01K is higher than in case of AngioScan-01P. Therefore, we recommend to use AngioScan-01K for stationary use by non professionals (eg. in fitness centers, sport schools, etc) and also when a significant number of tests is needed. AngioScan-01P is an effective and convenient device for personal monitoring of cardiovascular health and home use, as well as for achieving a better mobility.

Medical equipment AngioScan for home/personal use is valuable and useful devices for everyone in the world. The devices help not only to assess the state of the heart and cardiovascular system, but also demonstrate how food, smoking, physical exercises and lifestyle influence the health. If you are starting a healthy lifestyle you keep watch over the positive changes of your vascular system characteristics. Thereby AngiosCan is a strong motivation to keep on leading a healthy life!

«AngioScan-01K» is a diagnostic device for analysis of artery wall state (Single-channel version of AngioScan device)

AngioScan-01K is a simplified version of AngioScan-01. It has only one channel for photoplethy smography sensor connection and does not take occlusion test for assessment of the state of endothelial function. All other functions of AngioScan-01K are totally identical to AngioScan-01.

The main objective of AngioScan-01K development was to develop a cheaper version of the device for Medical Professionals. AngioScan-01K was specially designed for those cases when the occlusive test is either not necessary or impossible due to the restrictions on testing time.

The same AngioScan software is used as a PC support program both for a single-channel AngioScan-01K and dual-channel AngioScan-01. AngioScan software automatically recognizes a single-channel device connection and blocks the performance of occlusion test. All other functionalities of the software are available with no restrictions.

For more detailed information please see description of AngioScan-01.

Professional model ensures noninvasive test of maximum the number of parameters of cardio-vascular system, the among which:

  • heart rate;
  • the index of increase;
  • type of pulse wave;
  • biological age of the vessels;
  • stiffness index;
  • the index of of reflection;
  • duration of systole;
  • the time intervals of maxima the direct and reflected of waves;
  • central systolic pressure;
  • the index of of stress;
  • the index of carbonatation (saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen).

In basis of the work diagnostic complex «AngioSkan-01K» is located in registration pulse wave volume of an optical sensor (ie, the registration of non-invasive, not requiring a skin damages, mucous and etc.), running in the near-infrared region of the of the spectrum. Processing of the obtained signal allows detailed to estimate rigidity arterial wall.

Use of the given technology gives the possibility simply and verify reliably the heart, exercising early diagnostics of of diseases vascular system, the associated with atherosclerosis.

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STANDARD: $24.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-20 business days

EXPRESS: $34.95

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Price $1765.00