Dosimeter AngioSkan "RadiaScan-701"

Dosimeter AngioSkan "RadiaScan-701"
  • Dosimeter AngioSkan "RadiaScan-701"
  • Dosimeter AngioSkan "RadiaScan-701"
  • Dosimeter AngioSkan "RadiaScan-701"
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Model RadiaScan-701 differs from the 501 model in backside design of device. In 701 model, at the backside of the device where detector is located there is a window with through holes which can be closed by a removable lead filter. Due to these differences, 701 model allows to carry out additional types of measurements and to obtain more accurate data.

Availability of a window with through holes in 701 model increases sensitivity for beta radiation (especially for beta particles with low energies of about 100 keV), that allows to use the model as a radiometer.

Moreover, with open window sensitivity of the device in the search mode of radiation sources in the area and in the mode of radioactive contamination detection of items and food increases.

By using a lead filter the accuracy of measurement of ambient dose rate and its intensity under the control of the X-ray and gamma radiation improves.

Dosimeter "RadiaScan-701"

  • The device assesses the current level of X-ray and gamma radiation and provides alarms if this level exceeds the values set by the user. On the one hand, it warns the user about the deterioration of the radiation situation, on the other hand, it allows him to leave the place with high radiation in time and undertake other measures to protect his body.
  • The device assesses the value of received integral ambient dose of X-rays and gamma radiation and provides alarm if the value is above the threshold. This allows the user to control time of his location in areas with high radiation level and evaluate the health damage caused by radiation.
  • The device allows to search the radiation sources and areas with high radiation level and to choose the safest way in case of passing through contaminated areas.
  • Ability of the device to detect the fact of radioactive contamination of food allows the user not to eat it.
  • Ability to measure radiation level on the surface of items allows, for example, to choose building materials with low radiation background.


Radiation detector

The key element of any dosimeter is radiation detector. Ability of detector to determine different types of ionizing radiation in various energy spectrum ranges mainly defines the basic characteristics of the device. The more types of radiation detector registers and the wider range of the detected radiation is, the more information can be obtained about the current radiation situation.

RadiaScan uses high sensitive Geiger counters to detect X-ray, gamma and beta radiation. Due to the high sensitive detectors RadiaScan has the following advantages as compared to the competitors in the same price range:

  • obtains more reliable results in less measurement time;
  • responds to changes of radiation situation more quickly and, as a consequence, quickly emit alerts;
  • detects beta radiation in a wide range of energies.

Ability of device to determine beta radiation is important because there are radioactive materials (such as strontium-90) which radiates basically beta particles and almost don’t emit gamma particles.


Modern 32-bit microcontroller with processor core ARM Cortex-M3 - the second element that differentiates dosimeters RadiaScan from its compatitors. The use of this processor allows:

  • to make complex calculations in processing and displaying the measuring data;
  • to establish connection and share data with software on PC;
  • to actively use capabilities of PC for accumulation, storage, processing, analysis and displaying the measuring data;
  • to update software of the device and use all the new capabilities that may have become available after the purchase;
  • user to participate in further development of the device by making suggestions to developers, many of which can be implemented in the device.


High-contrast 1.8" color OLED display with resolution of 160x128 pixels provides qualitative display of measuring results and basic parameters of the device.

Operating Temperature -20 .. +50 °C

Dimensions 110x60x23 mm.

Weight w/o batteries, 110 g.

English and Russian languages in menus.

USB capable. Powered by USB or 2xAAA batteries.

The device uses sensitive "BETA 1-1" Geiger-Muller counter of alpha-beta-gamma-radiation

Measurement time 1-30 seconds

Range of photon energies, 0.05 to 3.0 MeV

Display range flux density of beta-particles (for 90Sr), from 5 to 3*10^4 part / (cm2 · min)

The lower limit of the detected energy beta radiation (at an average energy of the beta spectrum of 14C), not more than 0.05 MeV

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STANDARD: $24.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-20 business days

EXPRESS: $34.95

Worldwide Delivery in 8-20 business days

Price $390.00