Edic-mini Voice recorder LED S51-1200h

Edic-mini Voice recorder LED S51-1200h
  • Edic-mini Voice recorder LED S51-1200h
  • Edic-mini Voice recorder LED S51-1200h
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In addition to outstanding technical characteristics this Device has a Solar Cell on the front panel (in addition to Li-Pol 90 mAh battery) That was developed to enhance time of autonomous operation. So, this small gadget can work very long without recharging - Thanks to the Solar Cell !!!


* Small size and weight

* 16 bit audio codec

* built-in clock, calendar

* Voice Activation System (which effectively compresses pauses in records, therefore increasing the actual record time

* Daily timer and once timer, digital watermark, Linear and circular recording

* New Protecting development - special markers in record. Invisible to user's marks that run through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of the recorded information. With these signs you can find out the serial number of voice recorder, date and start time, and ascertain whether was an attempt to modify or edit an entry. This significantly increases the weight made the recording as evidence in court

* High sensitivity microphone (operating distance is 10-12 m)

* Password protection

* HiSpeed USB-SPI (allows high speed data exchange 15Mb/sec, microUSB)

* Opportunity to listen recordings with headphone.

* Built-in AGC system

* Simplified functionalities and a 3 control buttons

* Long recording duration

* Opportunity to use recorder as a flash-disc.


* light metal case

* Operating temperature range: 0°C +50° C

* Built-in Gain : From -1 to +40 dB

* Power supply: 90 mAh built-in battery

* Frequency characteristics: - Sensitivity of built-in microphone up to 12 meters - Signal-to-noise ratio -80 dB

* Sampling rate: up to 40kHz that allows to record sounds incredibly clear

* frequency band - up to 100-10,000 Hz

* Compression method:-Without compression; - U-Law; -4 bit ADPCM; -2 bit ADPCM

*Files Recorded in Standard .WAV Format

* Support system: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7


  • Battery life in record mode: up to 50 hours (!!!) (sampling rate 8 KHz, without compression); Battery life in record mode with VAS (audio signals below threshold): up to 3 days; - In stand-by mode: 1 year;
  • Built-in 8 GB flash memory - (1200 hours of recording)
  • EDIC-Mini LED S51 1200hours one of the smallest voice recorders in the world with top-quality recording. Light and Stylish metal case with removable strap, outstanding technical characteristics, two independent power sources, LED time indication. Sometimes we need to record information without revealing it. Now you have a possibility to do it without any hindrance. "LED S51" allows you to start recording without being noticed. Perfect gadget, If you need to make hidden recording with Ultra high quality. Always convenient to take this gadget with you wherever you go. Due to removable strap you can used it as a spy bug. Two independent power sources. Quickly and Easily start recording in any situation. Weight of this Gadget is only 20 gramm!
  • Product Dimensions: 44х36х7 millimeters. EDIC-Mini LED S51 combines the best technologies and perfect balance of most advanced methods of voice recording: 16 bit audio codec, which provides high quality recording and more accurate signal digitizing. Highly sensitive built-in microphone that is capable of making highly legible record from a distance of 10 meters. Sampling rate was increased to 40 kHz that allows to record sounds incredibly clear. Build-in AGC system, which allows provide flexible adjustment of settings according to the acoustic conditions. Edic-mini Daily S50 is able to record simultaneously with charging. While Voice recorder in circular recording mode with an external power supply it is not limited to any capacity of the battery or internal memory. So, voice recorder can work as unlimited black box.
  • To adjust Edic-mini Led S51 does Not Require a PC. Recording modes are programmed in the 8 profiles, also you can programme parameters of the recorder (brightness, clock type, etc.). And Opportunity to listen recordings with headphone. In addition to professional voice recording Edic-mini has the ability to displaying Time via 2 LED indicators. Red LED indicator - shows hours. Green LED indicator - shows minutes. So, accuracy of the clock 5 minutes. Time can shows continuously or once you push the button. More over, Led indicators can help you to estimate capacity of the battery or internal memory.


Memory: 2Gb

Product Details

Dimensions: 37mm x 8mm x 44mm

EAN: 0723905471231

UPC: 723905471231

Manufacturer Code: S51

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STANDARD: $24.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-20 business days

EXPRESS: $34.95

Worldwide Delivery in 8-20 business days

Price $625.00