Konstantin Chaykin watch decalogue

Konstantin Chaykin watch  decalogue
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Mechanical watch of "Dekalog" is surrounded by aura: on a dial letters repeats divine precepts of Dekalog, the clockwork head is executed in the form of David's Star, and time course is counted from right to left, against movement of an hour hand habitual to our sight. The watchmaker has not casually selected such unusual way of indication of current time, and has continued traditions of the Jewish watchmakers, following an example from o'clock with reverse motion on a synagogue in ancient Jewish quarter of Prague. In hours of "Dekalog" the manufactory calibre EVA01 complicated by the module of reversive system of movement стрелочных of wheels with rotation counter-clockwise, and a superstructure of the large index of phases of the Moon fights. Moon phases have basic value for calculation of Judaic holidays. With such index easily also it is conveniently possible to define the beginning and the end of lunar month.

• Base mechanism EVA01 created in Konstantin Tchaikin's Studio.
• Manual factory.
• Ankernyj a course.
• the Shock-proof device of an axis of balance.
• Micrometric adjustment of a thermometer.
• the Additional module of the index of a phase of the Moon
• the Stock of a course not less than 48 hours.
• Accuracy of a course-10 / + 15 a day.
• 17 stones.
• Frequency of 21 600 semifluctuations at an o'clock.
• Reversive system of movement bill wheels with rotation counter-clockwise and displaced in position of "12 hours» a rotation axis, and also the additional 36-detailed module of a superstructure of the large index of a phase of the Moon (which is in position of "6 hours»), being Konstantin Tchaikin's patented workings out
• the Case: stainless steel.
• Diameter of 42 mm
• Sapphire glass
• the Clockwork head is executed in the form of David's Star
• the Dial: silvering, gilding.
• the Back background represents antiquated tables Dekalog are written.
• Arrows steel. Are made and polished manually.
• the Thong is individually made of a skin of a crocodile
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