Holga Gold 120GCFN Lomo Camera

Holga Gold 120GCFN Lomo Camera
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Holga Gold 120GCFN Lomo Camera

Holga 120GCFN is similar to Holga 120CFN, but it has some ineteresting features. "G" stands for "Glass", so all Holga 120 "G" series camera are using Japan made glass lens. It can provide sharper image quality when compare with plastic lens.  
Available Colors: Black, Pink, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Grey, White, Gold,  
Image Size: 6.45x6cm and 6x6cm
Lens: Glass Optical 60mm/8
Shutter: 1/100 sec
Aperture: f/8 or f/11
Depth of field: 3 ft to inf
Weight: 200g