Teleconverter MC TKL-2

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Teleconverter MC TKL-2 can be attached directly to cameras with the M42 mount and to other SLR cameras with the appropriate adapters listed on this

site under Adapters".
Use of the TKL-2 teleconverter reduces the effective aperture by two full stops and increases the focal length by a factor of 2. With the teleconverter the 300mm f 4.5 Rubinar the effective focal length is 600mm and the aperture opening becomes f6.3, with the 500mm f5.6 and the teleconveter the focal length becomes 1000mm and the aperture becomes f8. With the 1000mm f10 the effective focal length becomes 2000mm and the effective aperture is f22." With the new Digital SLR cameras using reduced size sensors an additional magnification of 1.5x becomes standard. This however does not change the effective aperture. These lenses are not fitted with iris diaphragms so the calculated numerical aperture listed above must be used with exposure devices. Most Digital SLR cameras can be used on aperture priority for automatic exposure, on most the aperture automatically becomes "00" and exposure times are adjusted by the cameras auto exposure system".


Maximum Magnification


Working distance, mm


Type of mount

M42 x 1

Overall dimensions, mm

Diam. 55x40

Mass (less carrying case), kg


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STANDARD: $12.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-28 business days

Price $280.00