Zenit 312M

Zenit 312M
  • Zenit 312M
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Zenit 312M Camera


Lens: MC Zenitar-M 50 mm f/2
Type of Lens Mount: M 42x1 mounting thread
Focusing: manual, split-image rangefinder with microprism
and ground glass rings
Exposure meter: TTL system, integral, with LED viewfinder display
Exposure control: - manual mode;
- focal plane shutter with shutter speeds 1/500-1/30s, "B";
- minimum flash synchronization 1/30s;
- built-in self-timer with 7-15s delay.
Other features: - attractive appearance of the camera;
- film check window on the camera back for reading the film type information;
- manual film speed setting in ISO 16-500 range;
- automatic frame counter.
Power supply: two batteries 2x1.5 (3V) of STs-32, MTs 0.105, Mallory D386, Seiko SB-B8 types
Weight: 820g

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STANDARD: $12.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-28 business days

Price $65.00