Tub Water Filter SF-101 for Shower

Tub Water Filter SF-101 for Shower
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NEW In-Line Universal Bathroom Shower Bath Tub Filter Tourmaline Water Softener SF-101 IntelGadgets shower filter with new filtration media-NMC (Nano-metal clusters water purification media, 10 times water purification efficiency of KDF55) can remove free chlorine, heavy metal ions, organics and contaminants. The healthy water through the IntelGadgets shower filter restores natural softness to hair, scalp and skin. Features:

  • Protects your hair and skin from the damaging effects of chlorine
  • Helps to protect against toxic chemicals found in tap water which may be absorbed through the skin
  • Keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy
  • A necessity for anyone who cares about their hair, skin

Technical Data
Output: More than 1.8 gallons/min (6L/min)

Capacity: Approx. 13,500 gallons (50,000 liters) depending on water condition

Working Pressure:0.1~0.4MPa (1-4 bar / 14.5psi-58psi)

Operating Temperature range: 39 F - 185F (4-85 Celsius)

Weight: Approx. 14 oz. (395g)

Dimensions:2.8"x5.2" (7.3cmX13.2cm)

Material: NMC, Multi porous fiber, Nano-metal clusters (Nano-KDF) media, Activated Tourmaline crystals

Almost all cities use chlorine to treat their water supply in varying quantities.

Dry skin caused by chlorine and chemicals accelerates the aging process while dry hair feels hard and damaged.

By removing chlorine from bath and shower water you can help to slow down the aging process and protect against dry hair and skin.

Negative ions from infrared rays from tourmaline ceramic balls can activate the water and make it soft and safe.

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STANDARD: $24.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-20 business days

Price $39.95