Zlatoustovsky Diving watch 192ЧС

Zlatoustovsky Diving watch  192ЧС
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Legendary diving Zlatoustovsky hours come back. Once this famous clock was satellites of almost each diver of the Navy of the USSR. Now they again can be got, and they will be belief and the truth to serve the owner
even in the most severe conditions. These are hours for real men.

• Sizes: 75х 70 x 18 mm, diameter of the case – 60 mm.

• Weight: no more than 0,26 kg.

• The dial which was shone in the dark (radioactive elements are excluded).

• Mechanism: East 2409.

• Type: mechanical with manual plant.

• Diameter of the mechanism: 24 mm.

• Quantity of stones: 17.

• Functions: hours, minutes.

• Shock-proof.

• Accuracy:-60 + 60 seconds per day.

• A course reserve on one podzavod: 35 hours.

• Watertightness 700м.

• The case of hours is made completely manually from corro

  • Guarantee12 months

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Worldwide Delivery in 12-28 business days

Price $980.00