passion for manual Soviet optics

 5/5, by Mike S on March 4, 2015
My passion for manual Soviet optic started with it. "zenitar" is made in Russia, but after it I bought industar, helios and MTO 500.
About "Zenitar", it is wide-angle on crop 1.6. Bought it because of it. Doesn't like bright day and backlit, side light. Protective cap tries to fall down but I keep the lens in plastic bag and it protects a cap from falling down. About images quality, it's normal. Plus is in aperture ratio and focus lenght that allow shooting in small rooms. On the whole, the lens will be useful for travellers, cause on crop it covers a big frame and a distortion is seen a bit. By the way I was
impressed by packaging! it is of USSR style, carton and filters are in paper, painted in white, black and blue color and with characteristics written on it. All is strict and informative. Aperture and focusing ring move very good and smoothly. In the cold of -15 also behaves well. Case is covered of quality color, but the place where m42 mount is screwed to adapter and then to bayonet, can lose some color and it can
get to camera mirror.
On the whole, impression of the lens is very positive.
It's not heavy and is nice in hand