Review Zenitar Fisheye

 4/5, by PietroPol on March 4, 2015
The lens pleasantly surprised. Will describe my impressions:
1) It's small and of high quality, not very heavy (300g), no backlash. Diaphragm switches well, focusing is smooth and nice.
2) This focusing is of no use. On aperture 5.6 you can focus from 1m to infinity. But it's cool to play on minimum focusing distance - you'll see lovely bokeh
3) Price. Funny for this lens. Though manual Samyang is not a fisheye but a wind-angle, it costs 4 times more. AF fish-eyes are more expensive (Nikon 10.5 2.8 or Canon 15 2.8). There are also Sigma but it is much more expensive than Zenitar
4) Image quiality. High sharpness on open aperture. Angle is quite good that is a very big plus for wide-angle.
5) Perfect for crop. Width is much more than in kit 18-55. This will notice everyone. Besides, fish-eye distortions are clearly seen on crop too. On FF all is perfect, width is amazing.
6) M42 mount. I put a lens on Nikon and Canon without problems. On crop and FF. Absence of AF, as I wrote above, is not a problem
7) Many criticize a cap. My cap holds normally. Doesn't fall down and holds no worse than Nikon, Canon, Tamron and Sigma ones. Don't have
Tokina, so can't compare :)
Conclusion: For the money they ask for this glass, it is a sin not to buy it. Just to play. You can always sell it later. Successful shots to all !)