Zenitar 16 Fisheye + my Canon 6D

 5/5, by Rich4 on March 13, 2015
For my Canon 6D I wanted a cheap fisheye for night photos.
In various forums I was the Zenitar 16mm from Russia recommend what is a lot cheaper than the 8-15mm Fisheye Canon.


Zenitar 16mm lens
3 Filters (Red, Yellow, Green)
Protective Pouch
Instructions in Russian

At first glance, this seems a bit dated but Zenitar is somewhat difficult, despite the small size, no comparison to the 50mm "plastic lens" Canon. Otherwise, it is very well made. The focus ring can be very soft with some resistance turn what is a very good feeling. The aperture must be adjusted manually which may be at the beginning a little tedious. In general, in the night when you see nothing.

On the back of the lens supplied filter to screw. Did not at first exactly how to use the filter because I was simply not smart from the Russian manual.

Although the small filter are nice but for me unusable.

Through the curved lens that has a field of view Zenitar of 180 °.

For image quality I can say that it may well compete with more expensive competitor. Through an aperture of 2.8, it is also very suitable for lichstark and night photos.

I use it often for night photos. Although it loses some sharpness at an aperture of 2.8 makes it still beautiful pictures.