Zenitar S 50 mm 1.2 Lens Canon Review

 5/5, by Victor Minin on June 26, 2015
Interesting lens. It is not a restyling of old lens, it is absolutely new lens. Zenitar 1,2/50mm is the first lens from KMZ-Zenit for cameras with APS-C censor. It is possible to use it with Canon full-frame cameras but there can be a vignetting in the corners. According to specifications of 1.2/50, the lens has high aperture. Zenitar 1,2/50mm is excellent for portraits, outdoor shooting, also in low-light, for fast-moving objects, etc.
Multicoated optics effectively prevents from glare and reflection which often distort images made with digital cameras.
The lens provides high-quality images with uniform brightness, sharpness and clarity, high contrast and accurate color reproduction.
8-blade diaphragm has an almost round shape, which allows obtaining spectacularly blurred background.
The color of the diaphragm blades is black, but not 100% mat.
High fixed aperture ensures ease of use, provides precise control over depth of field and gives excellent results when shooting in low-light, such as indoors.
Beginning with the aperture of 2.8 it is very sharp, holds contrast.
The lens is a bit heavy (630 g), but I can’t say that it is a shortcoming.
The build quality is quite high, it is easy in use.
Though the lens is not quite cheap, it is still cheaper that similar Canon (a killer of Canon EF 50 1.2L :) ),
Nikon and Pentax lenses.